Thank you for your Support!

Dear Friends,

I want to THANK every single one of YOU for trusting me with your votes! I went into this campaign with eyes wide open, armed with a few faithful friends, a tiny war chest and a great deal of experience in serving our public schools. Considering the forces (and finances) that were involved in this BOE election, being an independent candidate gave me a minimal chance of success.

And YET, even with no endorsements and no financial and political backing, your votes have given me 1/3 of the winning ticket! (5,389 independent voices!) I am extremely thankful and humbled by this.

It goes to show that, given the opportunity, the people of Jersey City are powerful to break through expected political establishments and campaign machines.

I am so GRATEFUL to EVERYONE who lent me their support by donating to my campaign, volunteering to distribute my literature and spreading my message through the city!
YOU are my HEROES, and it’s thanks to you that I have been heard on such a wide spectrum!
Below are the votes YOU gave me (source: Hudson County Clerk):
Ward A – 978 votes
Ward B – 726 votes
Ward C – 761votes
Ward D – 751votes
Ward E – 1299 votes
Ward F – 845 votes

I am very humbled to know that, in every part of Jersey City, people were willing to put their trust in me. Even though I did not win this election, I am glad to have captured your attention and your hearts . I congratulate the winning candidates –
– Mr. Sudhan Thomas 
– Mr. Angel Valentin
– Rev. Lipe Fernandez
and I hope that they will help govern our schools with wisdom and empathy for every child and teacher.
This election may be over, but we still have children to raise and our city (and country!) to take care of.
I resume my work in serving our children, at PS16 and beyond. A parent leader & volunteer can accomplish a great deal of good, which I hope to show you.

Thank you again and again!



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